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There have been circulating reports that ibuprofen may negatively impact the course of coronavirus. The NIH and WHO are investigating these claims.

We can *NOT* definitively say it is safe or unsafe. Therefore until it is determined to be safe, we recommend you ONLY use acetaminophen products if you feel you have upper respiratory infection symptoms during this epidemic.”

Furthermore, fever is the way your body fights infection. If you suppress the fever, your child will be ill longer and potentially develop more severe symptoms. Although the fever will make them feel bad, let them have a fever. Treat only if over 102F (if over a year of age) and only use
acetaminophen, cool rags, room temperature baths to bring the fever down.

Seek medical attention if your child has had a fever over 102F for more than 48 hours, dehydrated or working hard to breathe. If your child is less than 6 months of age, please call if fever over 102F for more than 24 hours.

In Addition, Due to the recent COVID-19 concern, we want to assure everyone about how we sanitize our office, we follow all universal precautions.  Click HERE to read more. 

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