Well Child Exams

We are interested in all aspects of health, growth, and development that affect a child's overall well-being.  For that reason, we feel very strongly that it is important to see children on a regular basis for Well Child Visits.  These times are set aside not only to get to know your child better, but also to address ongoing issues such a development, nutrition, behavior, discipline, and safety. 

Knowing your child in a "well" state helps us to deal effectively with illness when it occurs. As a practice, our providers encourage immunizations at every visit. However, we understand this decision is very personal, and the final decision should be done by the family. If you have any questions or concerns regarding immunizations, please ask! 

Preparing for your well-child exams:

1-3 days

2 week (2nd Metabolic screening done)

1 month

2 month (Scheduled vaccines)

4 month (Scheduled vaccines)

6 month (Scheduled vaccines)

9 month

12 month (Scheduled vaccines)

15 month (Scheduled vaccines)

18 month (Scheduled vaccines)

24 month

30 month

3 year

4 year

5 year

6-8 year

9-10 year

11-15 year (Scheduled vaccines at 11 year visit)

16-18 year (Scheduled vaccines at 16 year visit)

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